EHV & Submarine cables

EHV Cables up to 400 KV

Submarine Cable

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Earthling and Lightning Protection Systems

-Leader in Earthling and Lightning Protection Systems

Isfahan Subway equipped with Cavicel Fire Resistant Cables

Closing contract with SANAM commercial and industrial Co. to supply Cavicel fire resistant cables indicates that SANAM experts choose Cavicel fire resistant cables which is one of the world's best fire resistant cables to provide our compatriots security.

Choosing Cavicel high quality cables = precision, knowledge, and academic ability of SANAM Co. experts


Malmon Commercial Center equipped with Cavicel Fire Resistant Cables

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Fire resistant cables

Cables FIRECEL SR are designed to work also during the fire. The emission of smoke in this situation is free from corrosive gas and they have low density to guarantee people safety and protection for equipments.

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Fibre Optic Cables

Light, telecommunications, Internet, data transmission, speed transmission, these are in general the most popular association of ideas when talking about fiber optic cables.A wide range of cables are now available and special constructions can be designed for all new on-coming applications.

Instrumentation cables

Many industrial applications require cables to transmit signals from field instruments to control rooms.
The designing of the right cable demands a careful and mindful evaluation of a lot of variables either for electrical requirements and for working condition and type of installation.

Special cables

The ongoing evolution of technology pushes customers demand of special cables to satisfy particular requests.
Cavicel Technical Department has the right know-how and resources to meet al these requirements.

Thermocouple Cables

Wire that is used in a thermocouple from the point of sensing to the point of cold junction compensation (cjc end) where the signal is measured. A thermocouple is a sensor for measuring temperature, that consists of two dissimilar metals that are joined together at the sensing end.

   Offshore & Marine Cable Sales    

    1- High Quality

    2- Competitive Price

    3- Fast Delivery Time

    4- No MOQ

    Top Cable = Quality + Competitive Price + Fast Delivery Time +  No MOQ                

Welcome To Petro Kavan Pouya Official Website

The Petro Kavan Pouya Company (PKP Cables), professional in supplying special and
High-tech industrial cables, further to its long career in producing and supplying special
cables domestically and globally and with getting advantages of several warehouses
in Tehran, Asalouyeh and their sister company in UAE, Dubai as the exclusive
representative of Italian cable manufacturer, "CAVICEL" is honored to provide
training and consult and desired cables at soonest


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Petro Kavan Pouya Co. started its activity aimed at accelerating special cable supplying for projects and now relying on its expert personnel and financial capacity of its investors and by using available facilities is one of the main references for special cables in Iran and supplies the following cables for users as soon as possible:


1- Special Cables

2- High Technology Cables

3- Control & Instrumentation Cables

4- Fire Performance Cables

5- Thermocouple Cables

6- Oil Resistant Cables

7- Mining Cables

8- Rubber & Flexible Cables

9- Port Cables

10- Fibre Optic Cables

11- Sea Cables - Offshore Cables

12- Marine Cables -Shipboard Cables

13- Offshore Cables

14- Mud Resistant Cables

15- Subsea Cables-Underwater Cables

16- Coaxial Cable


If you need further information, please visit us at or contact our expert personnel.

Special Sales of Fire Resistant Cables for Special Places

Following humanitarian policies and sales approvals in board of directors dated 2013/04/10 for Cavicel Firecel SR114H Fire Resistant Cables; mentioned cables will be supplied with minimum profit in special places (as listed below) where fire may cause a lot of casualties:

      1- Hospitals and Health & Care Centers

      2- Educational Places such as Schools & Universities

      3- Shrines and Holy Monuments

      4- Cinema & Theatre Halls

Petro Kavan Pouya Co. Projects


1-      Tehran Central Fire Fighting Building equipped with Cavicel Fire Resistant Cables in partnership with Pars Ajirak Company

2-      125 Headquarters Building equipped with Cavicel Fire Resistant Cables in partnership with Pars Ajirak Company

3-      Amir Kabir Commercial ARG equipped with Cavicel Fire Resistant Cables

4-      Jaam Tower (Oto Bank Mellat) equipped with Cavicel Fire Resistant Cables

5-      Tourism Bank Central Building equipped with Cavicel Fire Resistant Cables

6-      Malmoon Project equipped with Cavicel Fire Resistant Cables

7-      Jashnvareh 240-Unit Residential Complex equipped with Cavicel Fire Resistant Cables in partnership with Modamkar Company

8-      Arya Transfo Ghodrat Factory & Arya Transfo Shargh Factory equipped with Cavicel Fire Resistant Cables in partnership with Modamkar Company

9-      City Theatre equipped with Cavicel Fire Resistant Cables in partnership with Modamkar Company


Exclusive Of Agency OF CAVICEL Products in IRAN

Cavicel designs and manufactures cables for special applications
or on specific market needs and customer.

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Untel New Logo

Exclusive Of Agency OF UNTEL Products in IRAN

Üntel, the leader cable producer of Turkey, was founded by Mehmet Ünlü and Feyyaz Günan partnership in 1973 to produce

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