Cavicel Leader in the manufacturing of tailor-made cables

Cavicel had started activity in the field of electrical cables production in the 50s. We perceived the need of satisfying the market requirements with offers aimed at meeting single needs with high quality products. Time after time this activity consolidated and developed and in 1975 Cavicel, incorporating the previous activity, was founded. Technology, attention towards the customer’s requirements and Quality culture were strengthened. Nowadays Cavicel is present with its products in over 50 countries and is well known thanks to its quality and continuous and more and more advanced solution research. The company is located in Pioltello, in the outskirts of Milan. In 2006 the new facility has been built and all the activities have been transferred there. The new head office reflects the main concepts of Cavicel: attention to interpersonal relationships, attention towards quality and research of innovative and technological advanced solutions. We invite you to visite our new facility where we can show you who we are.

Cavicel designs and manufactures cables for special applications or on specific market needs and customer.


Cavicel studies, designs and manufactures cables for special applications or according to specific market and customer’s requirements.
In its field Cavicel is nowadays a reality considered as a point of reference. Our products are well known and installed in more than 50 countries. Even in case of small supplies, we are always present where Quality, wide technical competences and excellent service level are required.
We lay emphasis on Research & Development, on the study of innovative solutions and on the use of high performance materials, in order to be able to offer the widest range of possible solutions.

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Üntel, the leader cable producer of Turkey, was founded by Mehmet Ünlü and Feyyaz Günan partnership in 1973 to produce thermoplastic and rubber based cable with a target to be the best of this area in Turkey. Üntel reached its target in the past 38 years with its innovations, wide product range and high quality, and determined a new target to be the best in the world. Today Üntel is among the biggest 1000 industrial institutions in Turkey.


We are demanded first by the big firms in our country. Half of the products we produce are exported to 55 countries in every continent. Today Üntel produces low and mid-voltage cables from PVC, HFFR, XLPE, Polyurethane and special rubber material which do not include halogen, have flame retardant characteristic and do not harm the environment according to industrial needs. The variety of products made Üntel called as “Special Cable Producer” in the market. With its exceptionally wide product portfolio and fund of knowledge, Üntel can realize everything.


Üntel has protected its partnership structure since its foundation and today it is still managed by Mehmet Ünlü, Feyyaz Günan, with the additions of 2. Generation and a staff of experienced professionals.

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