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Tehran Agency

Tehran Agency (Lalehzar Ave.)

EPAC Cable & Wire Shop

EPAC Cable & Wire Shop is active in Lalehzar Ave. as a distribution agency for Petro Kavan Pouya Company.

Lalehzar Ave. is the main pole in field of electrical equipments distribution in Iran and as this is a very important issue, Petro Kavan Pouya Co. appoints EPAC Cable & Wire Shop as its agent in Tehran.

This shop located in one of the best locations in Lalehzar Ave., accelerate Petro Kavan Pouya Company’s goals.

Address: No. 8, Ground Floor- Akhavan Electrical Complex- South Lalehzar Ave.

Tel:  021-33919727 - 021-33919737

Fax: 021-33933820- 021-33933859


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