Top Cable Company

Top Cable Company


Top Cable, an internationally recognized manufacturer of electric cables

Top Cable offers a highly attractive alternative to your current cable supplier, combining quality, service, capacity and independence. As a Multi-national Corporation with offices and warehouse located around the globe, Top Cable is committed to providing the best products and services to its clients worldwide.


Top Cable’s products have passed stringent standards as set forth by International certifying bodies which guarantee the quality of its products. Top Cable company strongly believes in selecting the best raw materials, adopting rigorous control systems and employing the latest technology in all its production. Our state of the art logistic warehouse in Barcelona (Spain), is one example of our commitment to providing high quality cables and excellent service to all its clients.


Top Cable was started in 1985, and since then has been focusing on investment in technology which sustains advancement, through extensive research and development programs. Top Cable Design & Development Center and research laboratories are specifically established to provide upstream research work and to identify new areas of improvement that will enable us to constantly provide high performance cables that are suited for multiple applications in various industries.


Teamwork has always been the key to the success of Top Cable company. Its emphasis on human capital investments has made Top Cable one of the leading cable manufacturers in Europe..

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