Offshore Oil Rig Cables

Offshore Oil Rig Cables

 Offshore Application Cables

- Offshore Oil Rig Cables

As Oil Rigs are very special and valuable equipments and their operation condition is very different and difficult, so oil rig cables are special kinds of cables show good operation in hard situation.

1-    Mud Resistant

2-    Chemical Resistant

3-    Hydrocarbon Resistant

4-    Gas Resistant

5-    Non Hygroscopic or Moist Resistant

6-    UV Protected)

7-    Extreme Changes Temperature Resistant

8-    Fire Resistant

9-    Flame Retardant



Theses cables are mostly used in offshore and onshore oil and gas well digging and oil rigs.


Theses cables are usually sized based on American Wire Gauge System (AWG).


AWG Template


Oil Rig Construction:



  • Soft Annealed Tinned Copper Flexible Stranded



  • Cross linked Polyolefin (XLPO)
  • Heavy Duty Irradiated Cross Linked Polyolefin (HD-XLPO)



  • Individual or Overall or both
  • Tinned Copper Braid or Aluminum/Polyester Foil Coverage upper than 90%



  • Mud Oil Resistant
  • Irradiated Cross Linked
  • Chlorosulfonated Polyethylene



  • Overall Braid Wire Armor
  • Large Size Covered Ground Wires
  • Cover Ground Wires



  • High Voltage Power Cable
  • Power (Distribution) Cable
  • 0.6/1Kv Control Cable
  • 0.6/1Kv Signal Cable
  • 2Kv VRD Power Cable



 Download Standards

As it was said before, one of the characteristics of Oil Rig Cables is their flexibility. Due to their Conductor Class 5, they are very flexible.

Bending radius for these cables in various kinds is as follow:


  • Armored Cable 8D
  • Unarmored Cable 6D

As these cables have various kinds and different constructions, if you need further information please contact Petro Kavan Pouya Co.






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