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Sub Sea & Underwater Cables

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One of the main contexts of global communication network infrastructure is Sub Sea Cable. As main part of the earth is encompassed by seas, oceans, and maritime boundaries, application of this kind of cable is so important and inevitable. On the other hand, difficult access and great costs of repairs of these cables made specialists of this industry not to sacrifice quality for price.

Today, Sub Sea Cables are improving day by day and they are constructed and utilized with various constructions as follow:

    1-    Fibre Optic Cable (to transmit telecommunication signals)

    2-    Power Cables (to transmit power)

    3-    Mix Cable or Cable Systems (to transmit telecommunication and power cables simultaneously)

Theses cables should have the following characteristics:

    1-    High resistance against permeability and water pressure in deep sea

    2-    High resistance against chemicals, solvents and petroleum derivatives

    3-    High resistance against longitudinal tensions

    4-    High resistance against mechanical strokes

    5-    High resistance against sea rodents such as sharks

Among other characteristics of Sub Sea Cables can be referred to its no-joint length. In addition, sometimes depending on the sensitivity of these cables, they are produced with two or even three armor (mechanical protection).

Considering its managers good relationship with international cable manufacturer companies, Petro Kavan Pouya Co. can provide these cables according to market circumstances with technical specification to its customers.

In order to get information about sensitivity of Sub Sea Cables application in international networks, you can see Sub Sea cables map in Middle East in the following link:

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