Onshore Cables

Onshore Cables

Onshore Cables:

In cable industry, main parts of cables are used in onshore industry like petrochemicals, refineries, metallurgical industries (heat resistant cables) and other industries. Main categories of these cables are as follows:

1-    Normal Cables used in land

2-    Special Cables used in land

As Petro Kavan Pouya Co. is working mainly on special cables, our expert personnel are ready to give consultation in cable selection and various special cables supplying:

1-    Instrumentation Cables

2-    Fire Resistant Cables

3-    MICC Cables

4-    Thermocouple Cables

5-    Oil Resistant Cables

6-    Mining Cables

7-    Flexible & Rubber Cables

8-    Oil Rig Cables

9-    Port Cables

10-  Fibre Optic Cables

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