Control and Instrumentation Cables

Control and Instrumentation Cables

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Cavicel Cable Manufacturer Company has a long experience in instrumentation cable designing and manufacturing. Application of Cavicel instrumentation cables in more than 50 countries indicates that Cavicel has enough knowledge and experience to achieve high quality that leads the company to world market.

Instrumentation cables are applicable for transmitting data, measuring, controlling technology in safe mode to prevent any disturbance and influence from electromagnetic waves around.

Among various instrumentation cables applications it can be referred to:

Industrial factories control rooms, data transmission systems for industrial controllers in refineries, reinforcement and reduction stations of gas pressure, power plants and etc.

Cavicel Cable Manufacturer Company’s instrumentation cables are produced based on the following standards:

BS 5308   PART 1 & PART 2

BN 50288-7

Applicable standards in instrumentation cables manufacturing

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