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MICC Cables

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Cavicel Mineral insulated copper (MICC) cables show outstanding performance in case of fire with high flame temperature (1082°) for a long period (around 3 hours). Due to the specific constructions, MICC cables can exceed all tests according to international standards for fire resistance and achieve approval from LPCB Institution.

Compared to soft skin cables, they show unique resistance for long time (around 3hours) to temperature, mechanical shocks and water. The cable can be bent also after a fire; it can withstand further impacts and water immersions.

Cavicel Mineral insulated copper (MICC) cables – Firecel MI Class- are produced and presented to the customers according to the following standards:

Basic Design

-         IEC 60702-1 & 2

Fire resistant

-         BS 6387 (cat. C-W-Z)

-         BS 8434-2

-         EN 50200 annex E

-         IEC 60331-21

Acid gas emission

-         IEC 60754-2

Smoke density

-         EN 61034-2

LPCB Approvals no. 217h/01

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