Mining Cables

Mining Cables

Onshore Application Cables

- Mining Cables

Among Special & High Technology Cables it cab ne referred to Mining Cables and as the source of these cables are mainly Germany, these cables are designed and produced according to VDE standards.

Mining Cables are produced with different voltage levels and various kinds as follow:


- Signal & Control Cables    450/750 V

- LV Distribution Cables      600/1000 V

- MV Distribution Cables      3.6/6 KV – 8.7/15KV- 12/20KV


Among characteristics of Mining Cables are the following:

     1-    Good Mechanical and Tensile Resistant

     2-    Oil Resistant Outer Sheath

     3-    Acid Resistant Outer Sheath

     4-    Flexibility

     5-    Mud Resistant

     6-    UV Resistant

     7-    Moist Resistant

     8-    Using yellow color outer sheath or using yellow lines in outer sheath (it is important because they can be recognized even in darkness)

I   If you need further information about Mining Cables, please contact Petro Kavan Pouya Co. expert personnel.


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